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"Competition Among the Well-to-Do Is Good Business for Tutors" by Jane Gross
New York Times, October 22, 2003

Mr. Schneider, … has made a brisk start in a new profession. … a former high school principal and full-time English tutor asked him to help a student struggling in physics. The work was satisfying. He visited math and guidance departments in Westchester and Fairfield County districts, offering to tutor ''the ones that are really difficult and whose parents are driving you crazy.''

Each happy client became a reference. When one student's score went up 125 points on the math SAT, ''that kid's mom became the star on my list.'' When another mother proposed auditioning two tutors to teach her son chemistry, Mr. Schneider did not let pride stand in his way. ''The kid picked me,'' he said.

Last spring he taught Regents prep classes in math, chemistry and physics at the Jewish Community Center in Scarsdale, which produced several private clients. This fall he returned to the community center, teaching SAT and PSAT classes. He has eight private students, along with the classes.

"Tutoring for the Already Brainy" by Kate Stone Lombardi
The New York Times, May 23, 2004

Allan Schneider, a Westchester tutor, recently sat down with a 16-year-old high school junior from Chappaqua who had been sent to him for extra work in math for the SAT's. After a few weeks, he found that she solved almost every problem correctly.

"I told her 'you really don't need this,' and she said, 'No, my Mom loves tutoring and I have to have more,' " Mr. Schneider said. He called the girl's mother and told her the girl did not need his help. A few days later, Mr. Schneider got a phone call from a private college counselor who had a client looking for a math tutor for her daughter. The daughter turned out to be the same teenager he had just turned away.

Years ago, with a very few exceptions, tutoring was for students who were floundering or failing. Today it is a booming industry, fueled by parental angst over the college admissions process, that helps not only children who are struggling, but also gilds the lily, moving "B+" students to "A" students, giving extra support to students enrolled in honors and Advanced Placement courses and propelling children with high test scores into the very top percentiles.

To be sure, remedial tutoring is still a huge part of the market. But in Westchester, especially in … Scarsdale, Greenwich and Chappaqua," other tutoring flourishes.

There is academic subject tutoring, tutoring for standardized tests, including Regents exams, SAT II's (subject tests) and SAT's and also "support tutoring," which gives help with organizing a child's schedule, homework, papers and study habits.


My daughter had a serious phobia about science and math. She was doing very poorly and it made her very nervous. She was also opposed to tutoring. Allan was very patient with her and helped breakthrough her resistance enough that she is now passing both. He is a gem and excellent with kids.

~ Marlee J.S. ( Armonk)

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