FAQs for Students and Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I reach you?
A: Please call us 914 261 2986 or email us at info@allanschneidertutoring.com

Q: Do I have to commit to specific number of sessions?
A: No. No contract or long term commitment is required.

Q: Can I change subjects or tutors once I begin?
A: Yes - subject to availability of our staff tutors.

Q: Must I purchase special books?
A: In all academic tutoring we use the texts supplied by the student’s school. In specific examination preparation situations (e.g. Regents, SAT, etc) an additional text may be necessary. These are conveniently available at all popular book stores.

Q: Must I schedule weekly sessions with the tutor?
A: No, you may request and receive support on an as needed basis subject to availability of the staff.

Q: Can I schedule a session without specifying which subject I wish to cover?
A: Yes. You may do this for regularly scheduled session or an "as needed" one.

Q: How is phone support provided?
A: Included in the regularly scheduled session is a fixed amount of free phone support. Additional phone sessions or "as needed" phone support is available at regular session rates.

Q: How are your fees established?
A: Fees for services are determined directly by you and the tutor.

Q: Do you have references?
A: References are available upon request from staff tutors directly.

Q: What if I have to cancel a session at the last minute?
A: Rescheduling or canceling sessions can be done by calling the tutor directly. No shows without a call to reschedule or cancel are billable.

I had a lot of problems getting my daughter to accept the idea of needing a tutor even though she was failing math. She did not like teachers and would not go to tutor fearing that she would be embarrassed by her lack of knowledge. Allan convinced me that I should let my daughter make the decision as to the value of tutoring. He told me to let him prove himself to my daughter. If she felt it was useful, we would go on. Allan did prove the value his help to my daughter after one session and continued on the rest of the year. My daughter passed the course and at times even said she was beginning to like math.
~ Zelda C. (Scarsdale)

Call or email us, we can help: 914.261.2986